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Because our learning methods keep all students safe, in and out of the water. Our classes are in many languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese.

Kitesurf school in Cape Verde

The Sal Island in Cape Verde is a privileged place to learn kitesurfing.

The wind has a perfect speed and intensity, the water has a very pleasant temperature and we have great consistency of conditions that allow us to give lessons almost every day, during the whole day. All our kitesurf lessons can be given in Portuguese, English, French, Italian and Creole. At our school we use the latest gear from one of the best kitesurf brands, DUOTONE


All of our instructors have a lot of experience not only teaching, but also many years of practice. We have in our team a 2 times World Kitesurf Champion, Inês Correia. Our kite school offers two types of lessons, small group classes and private lessons. And we still let it up to our students between a kiteboard lesson on the beach intended for kitesurfing, only 10min by car from our center, or by boat on the beach just in front of our center, in Santa Maria bay.

How kiteboarding classes work in our school

First we teach how to set up all the kitesurfing gear, then teach all the safety systems and the students have their first contact with a small beach training kite.

After doing all the necessary and important exercises ashore, the student follows, with his kitesurf, the instructor into water, starting with the bodydrag and techniques of lifting up the kite inside water, when it goes down.

When the bobydrag is already completely dominated with both hands, we set out for the first steps on water, where we give impressions of safety and priorities in water.

After several attempts the student will be able to start in both directions.

The final part of basic kitesurfing is to go upwind, where the main objective is for the student to kitesurf in both directions and in the end, to get back to the same spot where he left from, without having to go on foot.

What are the advantages of learning kitesurfing on a beach

- Classes of initiation to kitesurf are taught ashore;

-Students learn to start from the beach, which means they learn to raise and lower the kite in the sand and then walk, with the kite in the air, to the water;

- Normally people who are learning kitesurf, in the future when practicing autonomously, will practice on a beach and not with a boat, which gives you more knowledge to be prepared to do kitesurfing autonomously in the future.

What are the advantages of learning kitesurfing with a boat

For us to learn kitesurfing with a boat has many advantages.

-You are more likely to learn kitesurfing faster;

- The student has the instructor closer to him; -The water right by our center is much calmer than the one in the beach where you learn kitesurfing without a boat.

-The student does not have to walk with the kite in the air, the boat or your kite instructor can bring your kite back to the place where you started.

In our school of kitesurfing we have available classes for all levels, from those who take their first steps to advanced classes of freestyle or waves.

We also have a good and fun proposal available for kitesurfers who are self-employed and able to sail upwind. A downwind from Kitebeach to our center in Santa Maria or from Serra Negra to Kitebeach (approx 6km). Both downwinds have very good landscapes and wind conditions that can provide great fun.

Our kitesurf downwind prices include: Transport from our center to the point of departure 30min kitesurf at the starting point with an advanced instructor Overseeing during the entire downwind route.

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Kitesurf center in Cape verde

Come learn to Kitesurfing in Cape Verde, Santa Maria island of Sal, one of the best spots in the world for all Water Sports. Inês Water sports Center has everything you're looking for.

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Kitesurf School in Cape Verde

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